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Know Your Moment

Most of us we are waiting for something to happen to us and forget that God will only work with those who are able to relate with Him in Faith and start to believe and do what seems to be impossible and unreal. God is a God of seasons and times an moments , furthermore he is a God of places too.

The ironic thing about God is that he seems like he pretends to be nonexistent at a time when it is your moment. Have you ever seen that the moment you are thinking of growing and start to expand is the time when you loss the market. the sons of the prophets when there realized that there was a need to grow and extend the territory that was the time when there missed and lost the needed inputs for that work to done. Moat times when we start something new the axe will be lost. But i want to encourage you that though the axe is missing are not defeated. Without enough resources your business will be a success , without a borrowed phenomena your marriage will work.2 Kings 6:1- 10.

Most of believers do not realize that resistance is actual a key and a sign to your timing.Times in God are governed by faith. This is why time can be reversed and can be accelerated. When time is reversed this is what theologians call restoration this means that we are going back in time and God to get what we might have lost as a result of our ignorance, or laziness or as a result of family pressures, but when by faith you know that you missed a season you can claim it and believe God for that. Joel says God is a God of restoration which in this case will mean a God who will reward you of your past because in God there is no past or future. We can change what we are this moment and live in your moment make this time your moment and your season. 

  •  When it is your season you will feel a sense of growth and increase as a reality in you. This is what happens you will see the place you are small, the job you are doing not enough the people you are preaching to not enough. There is a certain craving for greatness, excellence and superiority. The sons of the prophets saw that the place they are is not enough for them, do not stop because you do not have a partner, capital or husband but you can start with what you have. They might have one axe but but it was not enough for them so they resolve to borrowing an extra. Do the natural and let God do the supernatural
  •   When there is a sense of failure and closed doors seems to be immanent, that is a sign of the a  season, why do we have to see the sign s in the natural a season is ear marked by signs and those signs explains the nature of time and season. Greatness will not come as greatness but it will come as failure and not failure  greatness. Do all you can do and allow your spirit to just believe whatever the Lord is laying on your heart. 

  •  Your season is in your blood and it is natural to know your season because a change of seasons comes with a change of desire and passion. Your passion will tell you what season you are. Therefore it is not up to God to change our season but up to us if others changed the seasons by prayer like Elijah changed a rainy season to be a dry season by prayer and obedience to God we can do it. There is no situation that is unchangeable if the laws of nature could change because of one man's faith how much more your divided family unhappy marriage and your season of sorrow and pain can change by the same principle of being obedient to God and speak or do what He wants you to do . Behold yo are in a new season and all things are becoming new. 
It is your moment and your season do what God wants you to do and you are going to be fruitful.