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Restoration is Our Portion

Restoration is Our Portion

Wasted years, broken dreams, wrecked relationships…whatever your loss may be, look to the Lord for your much-more restoration! Learn how you can position yourself to receive God’s incredible restoration for your losses.

Whatever you have lost, don’t give up, you can still win even after you’ve experienced loss. How? Position yourself for victory by resting in the Lord’s finished work, remembering that Jesus has accomplished everything for you at the cross.

If you look at the word “restore,” it starts with four letters that spell “rest.” In other words, restoration comes as you rest in the Lord and in His finished work.

The restoration of God is amazing, He can bring back that which you lost in the Past. Thus, in restoration God is not bound by time, since He goes back into time and allow one to enjoy what one was supposed to enjoy years back.

Know this what you lost in the past, be it a dream, vision, relationship, family and business, God is getting ready to bring it back to you. He will bring you back all things of your past now,even though you are in the Now moment.

How is this possible? How can one enjoy this benefit, that is so common and is available because of the Grace that we find in Christ?

Rest in the the Lord! When you rest in God, He goes to work on your behalf and you end up with more.

After laboring in the barley fields from morning to evening, Ruth was able to glean one ephah of barley (Ruth 2:17), equivalent to a ten-day supply.

 But when
 she rested at the feet of Boaz and did not labor, she received six ephahs of barley (Ruth 3:15), a sixty-day supply!

And we know her blessings did not stop there. She received a marriage proposal from Boaz a stable, honorable, affluent, and the most eligible man in the community. 

How did that happen? Ruth had heeded the advice of Naomi, her mother-in law, to “sit still” and wait, after Boaz had promised to redeem her. 

I want you to pay attention to what Naomi said to Ruth: “Sit still, my daughter, until you know how the matter will turn out; for the man will not rest until he has concluded the matter this day” (Ruth 3:18).

As long as Ruth rested, Boaz would not rest until he resolved her situation. The result? Instead of just getting 
a small portion of the barley from the fields, Ruth got the owner of the fields himself, as well as the entire yield of his barley fields! 

It is the same for us today. When we rest, Jesus, our heavenly Boaz, goes to work. When we choose to “work” by striving, fretting and trying to make things happen by our arm of flesh, He rests until we see our need for Him and invite Him into our situation

Now, in case you’re wondering, rest is not doing nothing or being lazy in your situation. Do the practical that needs to be done send out your résumés, attend interviews by all means but do all that with a heart that is at rest.

 Be at rest inwardly, believing in your heart that our Lord Jesus has accomplished everything you need for every demand that comes your way.

Therefore, rest in His faithfulness to fulfill His promises to you and to be your supply, strength, and peace while you are waiting on Him.

Each time your heart is troubled, look to your unfailing Savior and say, “Lord, restore!”