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The Ability Of Faith

 The ability of faith

Hebrews 11:1 starts by defining what Faith is what it can do, how man of the past were able to use it to have great results. We see that man like Daniel rose politically because of their faith, how he stood for the faith and how God rewarded that faith.

The bible says faith is the substance of things we hope for and the evidence of the things we hope for which are not seen.
The writer was explaining to us that faith is a real element in the heart that can create the substance of things we hope for. In other words faith is so real in us that it can be recognized and felt and seen.

Paul said to the man who was crippled arise and walk after he saw his faith. Am not sure if it was the action that correspondences to his faith that Paul saw or it was something that he discerned spiritually. Weather spiritually or carnally that part of the man which we are calling faith was seen physically. It was so real that it could be seen.

Furthermore, we can define faith is the reality of the unseen, the proof of that which is not and the evidence of the things that are unseen.

Faith is important to a believer’s life and to every spiritual being because that is one element in us that can bring the unseen realities of God. Without faith it is impossible to please God, but them that seek Him must draw unto Him with faith and He will reveal Himself to them.

Faith is essential for a believer to have a relationship with Him. God expect the just, the righteous to live by faith. Hab 2:4

hold the proud,
His soul is not upright in him;
But the just shall live by his faith

Faith can translate life to a believer and become a mode of one’s survival, creating what you need for survival. Such faith is developed but having a living relationship with God and by fellowship with His Spirit.

Jesus in answering Mary the sister of Lazarus He said if you can believe you shall see His Glory. The Glory of God is all that God has and all that God is, faith is what causes to manifest of the divine Glory of God in our lives. We can indeed have all that God has! Jesus said whatever that belongs to my father belongs to me. In actual sense Jesus was saying I have access to the Glory of God the Father by Faith.