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Extra- Ordinary Love

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Extraordinary Love

Extra-Ordinary Love: The Australian Ex-Model Turia Pitt Suffered Burns To 65 Percent Of Her Body, Lost Her Finger And Thumbs On Her Right Hand And Spent Five Months In Hospital After She Was Trapped By A Grass Fire In A 100 Kilometre Ultra-Marathon In The Kimberley. Her Boyfriend Decided To Quit His Job To Care For Her Recovery.

In An Interview With CNN They Asked Him:
"Did You At Any Moment Think About Leaving Her And Hiring Some One To Take Care Of Her And Moving On With Your Life?"
His Reply Touched The World:
"I Married Her Soul, Her Character, And She's The Only Woman That Will Continue To Fulfill My Dreams."

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ALL MEN ARE INVITED - His Glory Men's Conference 2016.
Theme: Maximum Grace For The Extra-Ordinary Man
Dates: 28 - 30 April 2016
Venue: Bethel Worship Centre [Along The Line of Churches In Chiwenga Street, Zengeza 5 Ext, Chitungwiza]
Rsvp: +263715139325 , +263712236483, +263773819942