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New tech Fuelling Global boom In Child Sex Tourism

Technology is transforming the global sex trade and making it easier than ever for travellers to prey on children, a landmark study on paedophiles warned

The sexual abuse of children by tourists and travellers is a growing scourge around the globe that has largely managed to outwit attempts to curb it in the last two decades, a major study revealed.

New tech Fuelling Global boom In Child Sex Tourism

Child sex tourism according to Stephanie Delaney in Child-Sex Tourism Questions and Answers, 2007 "Child-sex tourism is a particular kind of sexual abuse. It normally happens when someone travels to a place and while there sexually abuses a child or young person who lives locally." For example, a person might go on holiday and then abuse a child who lives in a village or a community nearby. 

We call the person who sexually abuses the child or young person an ‘abuser’, an ‘offender’ or a ‘child-sex tourist’.The main thing about child-sex tourism is that the abuser is someone who does not usually live in the place where they sexually abuse children and young people, although they may stay there for a long time.

Child-sex tourism can happen anywhere, although it tends to happen where there are many visitors to a place, such as popular tourist resorts, either for holidays or pilgrimages, or where people are travelling through, such as transit or border towns. Places which have become known for child-sex tourism can ‘attract’ people who want to abuse children and young people

The UN-backed report shines a light on the rampant spread of child sex tourism, a scourge that touches every corner of the world and is outpacing all efforts to contain it.

Researchers say the spread of communications technology is facilitating abuse at every step by helping offenders groom and procure children on the Internet before they arrive, network among themselves and share or even livestream images of abuse.

"With the click of a button, offenders can have children 'delivered' to their hotel room or anywhere else they choose," the report says.

Paedophiles can now speak directly to victims, using social media channels, with an immediacy "that was impossible 20 years ago," it adds.

In a country like South Korea, where advanced communication technologies are widespread, more than 95 percent of commercial sexual exploitation of children is arranged over the Internet, according to researchers.

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