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The Quest For The Truth

Reality of the truth is not always as comforting as it seems to the one discovering the truth. The realm of truth is the most dangerous place to be treading especially if it is the truth that liberates. Mostly the people who are devoted to the truth are also ready to sacrifice their lives. This article was inspired with the events that unfolds from the book of Acts of the Apostle.

The Quest For The Truth

If the Gospel of Jesus Christ must bring transformation and real change in our societies then the ability to stand for the Truth is of paramount importance. Justice in both realms is not even given on a silver plate and freedom is never given but it is earned. Thus there is need for the Church to stand for and to become the embodiment of the Truth.

Martin Luther once said " Evil prevails because people who know how to do good are silent" We are where we are because some men have failed to own up their Divine call and mandate to stand for what they are created for. Failure to pursue your purpose means imprisonment of hope for a generation. 

What  would the world have been if everyone participated in their God given call? what will your community be if you took part of your own life the way God designed it. We were designed according to our purposes and our passions and desires always indicates that Call.

Let's look at Peter he was a fearful and unstable minded man, but after Jesus left the earth he became so bold, some believe it was as a result of him receiving the Holy Spirit ( Acts 2:1ff). 

Well some believe it was as a result of  him encountering the Truth in the person of Jesus Christ that made Peter the Apostle to stand strong and ready to preach nothing but the Truth that he encountered.

 How ironic in our times that believers are not awarded the time to encounter in the Truth in person and are not thoughtful of the need to be in constant fellowship with the Truth. So Apostle Peter dramatic change was brought about by the Holy Spirit encounter which brought full understanding of the Truth.

One would be quick to ask was the Holy Spirit that filled Peter the Apostle the same Spirit operating in the 21st Century. If the Spirit of God could made Peter who was so timid and fearful to be ready to die for the truth deering to be counted worthy in Christ. Apostle Paul even declared that he was not ashamed of preaching the truth of the Gospel of Christ.

How could this Spirit be the same? Where is the boldness for the truth?For what  we  are seeing is a  boldness for selfish and self centeredness preaching, a preaching without Christ [ THE TRUTH]. A new Gospel altogether, a Gospel of things and not the truth of the Gospel.

 Preachers are ready to die for nothing but themselves being enriched and furtherment of a personal Kingdom am even ashamed to call it a kingdom but rather an investment all at the expense of Faith and Christianity.

What would Paul say to such spirit and movement, will his Gospel find room in the hearts of the 21st Century Church ?

Such events as found in the book of Acts where man of no reputation stood for the truth, and cities being   transformed, developed and empowered in the word of the truth. At one occasion the Apostles were threatened with death and some even  became martyrs for the sake of the Gospel of Truth. 

The early church took pleasure in standing for this very truth risking everything just to preach the word of God. Can we equate this devotion with our 21st Century Church? Do we even have a Gospel to stand for ?

But what is the Truth and who is standing for it?