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Beyond The Natural

The eyes of man looks to that which can be seen and that which is in the range of sight. From this view it is not easy and difficult to convince the natural man of the existence of that which the eye can't see.


Walking with God demands us to learn to see beyond the natural eye and to think beyond the natural mind.

Walking by faith is not any easy things as we always talk about. It is training our human spirit to be in control in our lives working together with the Holy Spirit of God in us. 

That maturity will then take the form of exercising and perfecting that which is in us, being able to just trust the word of God.

 Taking God at His word. Knowing that what God says is the truth and reality of our being. Living by His word and deciding to acting out of faith is that which is birthed by love.

Sometimes we seek to know everything and have all answers, which is good. But sometimes we need just to know what is important and our part in live and pursue that which we are called for.

Our lives are more than carnal we are more than citizens of an earthly nation. Learn to allow the Spirit to take control in your life. So that you will be able to see beyond the natural eye and the now. Having supernatural wisdom and knowledge, counsel and great judgement.

Its possible and you can become that person the Lord has made. Learn to develop your spirit as you learn to hear from Him and see through your heart in times of meditation and study of the word and worship. 

As you respond to His guidance and leadership everyday. You are becoming what God has made you to be!