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Religious Lunatism

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Why Africa and Africans?

Africa is the home of all Spiritual and Religious Lunatics, Have it ever lumate in your mind why it is always Africa?When we talk of Religious Lunatism, the study can prosper well  in Africa.

Religious Lunatism is the study of  individuals who advocates or resorts to measures beyond the norm, especially in Religious Politics. Furthermore, Religious Lunatics or Extremist has  a tendency to go to extremes or an instance of going to extremes in terms of Religion, Beliefs, Doctrines and Religious Politics.

Why Africa, is it that there is no or less Information about right religion? Why is it that Africa is always associated with any form of madness? Are Africans less Human?

 Some argues that there is always lack of knowledge in Africa and that Africa is a Content of ignorant people, hence they conclude that these are the major tenets that formulates the basis of Africans being adamant and ignorant  

Is Africa indeed a Black Continent? How is it that all the forms of extra biblical devotions are found in this Continent.  It will be a Myth to settle that Africa is a Dark and Ignorant Continent.  

Inasmuch as we see all these traits of Neo Religiosities and formulation of Occults and Cults. African can be argued to be one of the most religious devoted continent.

Religious fallacies is not something that is uncommon to the other peoples of the world. The Bible shows us how the Jews. the chosen people as some might say, how they were quick to embrace not only the truth about Yahew but, also how quick and easy they would align their lives to a lie.

 Remember when Moses was called by Yahew to collect the Ten Commandments, whilst he was on the Mountain. The children of Israel motivated Aaron the brother  and an aide of Moses, to craft a god for them.

These were people with an encounter with God that most of us would not have nor have not experienced, they had Moses who was talking with God face to face as a man talks to a man.

 Some of these man were highly educated often great qualifications with the best Egyptian schools. Yet, they were easily persuaded to follow such madness. 

Thus to become a religious extremist or lunatic is not activated by the level of Education, Quality of Life,Technological Advancements of a people nor the Race of the people. In every community world over we do find Religious Lunastic or Extremist.

Africa can not be said to be cursed because of its challenges she faces, but rather the blessedness of any Nation comes by way of God pronouncing a Word upon it, When He speaks well about it, when He favors it. 

Holding that Africa is a Dark Continent by virtue of events that are unfolding in its people is not a correct interpretation of the truth of blessedness of a Continent 

The Major Challenge that we see from the biblical narratives that brings people to err is the failure to understand the Scriptures and development of a Living relationship with God.

The 21st Century Christians hate study, and as a result the Religious Leaders of the day, are using Religion and Faith to propagate their Economic, Social and Political Ideologies. 

Religion has become a vehicle for Destruction and not Constructive. Nations, have fallen some have advanced by way of furthering a certain religion ideology

This is not a phenomena that is peculiar to Africa! Religion has been used by the powers that be to be a tool to bring manipulation , mass control, Political settlements and to bring Peace to region that are disturbed and to bring turmoil in nations they have a Political, Economic, Social, Technological and legal interests. 

Some extremist or lunatics of Religions are man made to be a means  to an end of a certain Religious Ideology and Religious Philosophy. 

Notwithstanding the fact that there are Spiritual forces that can be employed by the Devil to bring a religion that will be used for his own good, which obviously is Evil.

If the church can bring its members back to the place of true worship, real devotion to God and a living relationship with God.Religion must be liberated from the Powers that be, and the bible used as a tool for transformation.

Indeed Religious Extremist are not only peculiar to Africa nor Religious Lunatism only rampant in Africa, but it is a cancer that is spreading in all regions of the world. It is essential that we liberate Religion and that we introduce Jesus Christ as the Center of all  things in as much as Religion is concerned.