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Prophesy Son Of Man

Worrying and being anxious will not change your situation, we can look at our situations, challenges, and hardship as long we can, but if we remain silent we just but watch our future going away from us.

Nothing happens in the Kingdom of God without the Word being spoken. Ezekiel 37:1-14. the lord took the prophet to be in a place where there was death,dryness not to teach him a lesson but, to lead him to change the death row to be a life row, dry land, not productive to be a productive land.

Prophesy Son Of Man
God said to Ezekiel son of man prophesy to this dry bones and death situation. If it is today I think He would have said" son of man speak to this economic melt down".

 God was speaking what was very impossible to man as if it is possible.
He went further to speak that which was not as if was. This remands me of Paul in Romans 4:17, God calls the things that are not as there are and calls death ,life.

Why is it important to prophesy, to prophesy is simple  to speak a word (divine) or to utter a word. It is imperative to then know that in the kingdom of God everything operates by and through the Word. John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the word the same word created everything that was created. prophesy! 

For everything hears the word and everything responds to the word of God, thus why sickness would leave a person when Jesus prophesied. Can i also say even marriages will hear the word and conform to the word you speak.
Eccles 8:4 For the word of a king is authority and power and who can say to him what are doing? get this you are a king in the kingdom of God (Rev 1:6). So whatever you say becomes LAW. What are you confessing in your life.

Prophesy to your situation change your world through the word of your mouth and by the word of the lord. You can change all that you are in by the word believe it and say it then you will see it happening.