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Is This Love

Love is a word that almost everyone uses in a day but at the same time this word does not have a meaning that is the same to different users.some would want to define it as a feeling that is emotional, but would you really base your life on emotions.

They are subject to change but love is not subject to change so can we really say that love is an attachment by way of feelings.
Is This Love
Another defines it as a sexual attraction, strong and not moved. Sex is a good creation of God of but was it created to be a tool for love, we live not because of sex but because we are in love. he who hates himself will cease to live, they just die. So we live because we love, this brings us to the teaching of the Apostle John when he says that God is love, is He then sexually attracted to anyone to love them. i know you are now saying ;" but this is the God kind of Love", but are we not created in His image and we are like Him in every sense of the word. So what does that imply, we need to just love, yes but at the same time love is a decision.

For me I think that love is found when you find out who you are. You can not love another when you can not love who you are, rather when you do not know who you. Do you love that which you do not know? I DO NOT THINK SO.

love is a personal deliberate decision that you make to be committed to an imperfect being. Yes it is a full knowing of what you need and that which can fulfill who you are. it is never out of peace but peace of mind is actually one sign that you are right in your heart so follow the peace of God in your heart
love is more than a feeling and more than love. It is living and real and even tangential, we know it when we meet