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What is True Religion

Religion has been defined by many meaning, quite a lot of things, and to any extent that there is no fitting definition for religion. My quest in this article is not to define what religion is but to look at the essence of being religious.

Religion according to my own understanding undermines the truth of worship in a believer. Being religious is achieved by following traditions, philosophy and doctrines of man in most cases. It is as it were legalistic in nature.

A believer is viewed by the outlookers based on the His or her activities to fulfill the certain obligations of a certain  religion. Which in turn entangled and suffocate the believer and limit true expression of the heart in true worship.

Jesus in coming to the world did not come to establish a religion, His intentions were not to group people and make them bond to the law again.

In Christ if there is anything like religion is to have a living relationship with the Father. He came that he should extend the Kingdom of the Father to earth.

Whosoever believers in His name being given the right to be born after God and be called the child of God. Having the access of the Kingdom and is translated from the kingdom of darkness and is placed in the Kingdom of His Son Jesus Christ.
True Religion

Religion therefore as viewed by many always comes to bring us back to the place where we have to have a system to follow so as to reach God and please God. 

When in actual fact we do not need to find a way to reach Him. We are in Christ and by his atonement we were reconciled back to God and we are in Christ together being co-heirs of God who is our Father.

Not that to say religion is not essential it is essential viewed as a way of life and nothing but a shadow of the real realities of the Divine. It has to be a way directed by the Divine and not rules placed by man.