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Why Do We Fail

In a world fully of challenges, the economy of the world is not stable, where there is no security of the future and a clear potential of hope in the future.

 Failure is imminent in most cases, since individuals are employing almost everything there have to try and create opportunities for the better. Failure has been the major stabling block in many individuals life.

Why Do We Fail

Failure can be simply defined as lack of success, non-success, non-fulfilment, abortion, miscarriage, defeat, frustration, collapse, foundering, misfiring, and coming to nothing. Again Failure can be known as a state of inability to perform a normal function, a fracturing or giving way under stress.

The criteria for failure are heavily dependent on context of use, and may be relative to a particular observer or belief system

 A situation considered to be a failure by one might be considered a success by another, particularly in cases of direct competition or a zero-sum game. Similarly, the degree of success or failure in a situation may be differently viewed by distinct observers or participants, such that a situation that one considers to be a failure, another might consider to be a success, a qualified success or a neutral situation.

If one can look at the same situation that one failures and be able to give insights and to come out with solutions. How then can we define Failure, isn’t a wonder that one man’s failure is a stepping stone of the other.

One scientist once said that failure is an opportunity to find that one alternative does not work.
But why does other lack success, miscarry visions, dreams, defeated and are in a state of inability to perform?

 What is it that the other have in them to turn the same situation into a success, in some cases maybe they used the same resources but provides different results. One failure and the other success. How can this be? Is there a selected few that are marked to be successful.

I think the answer to that is clear, God is not a respecter of persons, nor will He select a certain few to be a success and the majority to be failure. The same is true for Nations there is no Nation that has be marked for failure. But facts over weights this reality why do we Fail?

A Mindset Dilemma
We are a product of our thoughts, our world is as a result of our imagination. That which one can envision the same one has the capacity to become. Our first challenge that always brings many to be unable to perform, to be successful and to have results is the condition of their minds.

Every battle that you win or lose its battle field is in the mind. What is your state of mind, the condition of our mind as you do your Job, do you see yourself as a success or you are already defeated? It goes without saying that the strongest conviction of your mind is truly what you are becoming.

To change your failure into your success you need to change the condition of your mind. How you see yourself. The spirit of your mind is called attitude, your attitude alternates everything around you and it is that attitude that determines where you are going. Stop for a moment and ask yourself a question How Am I?

Mind set like beliefs are thoughts that have built up into a power Principle that governs one’s life and has the power to bring the reality of the unseen world of thought. It is often called a stronghold. Pulling these strong holds it’s a process but it’s possible to change your mind set. It’s easy, every mind is set but thoughts, words, and ideas, you only need to change the wrong thoughts, ideas and words and change your confession.

 The word of God has power to break strongholds and to put into captivity all wrong thoughts and ideas that might have been giving you a sense of failure and affecting your attitude for success. Somehow you believed success what not part of your life.  Reset your Mind set for truly success is your portion.

Follow your Passion
Everyone on earth has a passion, a desire it is like an inward voice that speaks and a fire that burns from the inside of a project, career, and business. Your passion unlocks your Purpose on earth and your purpose will lead you to unlimited resources that will empower you to become the person you should be.

 Most of us we spend time following what we think is selling and is profiting, this is why we are failing. Why do you do what you do? A person can and will perform successful in the right place of that person wiring. That in every person are solutions and resources that awaits right placement

 Never give up
The fact that you have failed does not make you a failure. It is how we react after we have failed that is very important and that is key to our success or failure. Do not allow your past experience to overshadow your future. The future is not made by the past, rather it is created by what we do in the present moment.
Sometime we fail because we lose focus and give up so easy.

Why people fail, can not be answered in simple because the challenges mankind faces are very complex and the factor that contribute to man failing can be known and some are still to be known.

 However, the majority of our problems are produced by some of the  factor I have highlighted and to break the cycle one needs to transform ones attitude, follow your passion and never give up.
There is always a way out and you too can be a success.