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What's In the Title "Man Of God"?

Its In the Title Man Of God? 

Many Christians, even though with innocent intentions, are very gullible, naive, and even childish in the fact that they have no discernment about wolves in sheep's clothing. The 21th Century Church is a Titleful church, well advanced in capturing relevant information and yet so poor in administering the Truth.

All too often, seekers of God are falling prey to celebrity personalities, and they swoon over famous name preachers for no other reason than these individuals have a lofty title such as "senior pastor", "prophet", "prophetess", "evangelist", "reverend", "doctor", "bishop", or some other clergy name.

Are preachers, pastors, prophets, bishops, teachers, doctors, and "professional" clergy to be believed for no other reason than that they have a lofty title attached to their name? Are they to be believed for no other reason than that they are "senior pastors" of megachurches?

Are they to be believed for no other reason than that they have a charismatic personality, they are gifted public speakers, or they prance back and forth in front of a television camera? Are they to be believed because they have a bombastic personality, can shout loudly, and can make the audience laugh or cry?

Are they to be believed for no other reason than that they have a church building that costs millions of dollars, and seats many thousands of people? Are they to be believed because they can quote scripture?

For those Christians who read the Bible for themselves, it is well known that even Satan quotes scriptures, and in fact Satan quoted scriptures to Jesus Christ (Matthew 4:1-11).

Satan also comes as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). He comes wearing a mask--sheep's clothing. He may even be wearing a suit and tie, long robes, a priestly neck collar, and take in millions of dollars annually.

Virtually none of the above attributes in themselves qualify anyone as representatives of Jesus Christ. Any human being can proclaim self important titles, shout loudly, act like they have authority, quote scriptures, make millions of dollars in ministry, and still be a deceiver. The first person deceived is the deceiver.

The second person deceived is anyone who follows the false preachers and prophets. To many who listen to and attend the churches of famous name preachers, it is unthinkable that their "shepherd" could be a fraud, a fake, and in disfavor with Jesus Christ.

So how does anyone know if the megachurch, tiny church, or medium sized church they sit in is founded by Jesus Christ or by someone in sheep's attire, who is inwardly a ravening wolf?

Is your church or church pastor sanctioned by Jesus Christ just because it is called a "church", or just because it has stained glass windows in it, or just because it is lined with pews, or because it has a steeple on top, or because your "pastor" says he is a "pastor" and can prove it because he or she has a piece of paper that says they are "ordained to the office of pastor"? 

Who Then is the Person Worthy to follow?