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Who is The Man Of God Worthy Following?

 Who is A Man Of God Worthy Following? .

But who is the man of God worthy to follow? Are all the so called Man Of God not genuine and truthful? Paul the Apostle highlights that “Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of his power.”(Ephesians 3:7)

The word “minister” comes from the Greek word diakonos, which is also translated deacon in other verses. It means to be a servant, specifically in menial tasks. Paul didn’t see his position as an apostle as something exalted above those around him.

He saw himself as the servant of others much as a waiter delivering food to a table. But he the food he was delivering was spiritual food for the souls of people!

How many ministers of the gospel consider themselves to be the “gift of God” to the people of God? How many ministers of the gospel use and abuse their position as if it were a center of power?

The man is not the gift. Paul considered his apostleship as the “gift of the grace of God.” The position is not the power. Paul tells us he received his position as a result of the power of God.

But who is a Minister or a man of God?
He is the Servant of Christ: The word “minister” and “servant” are exactly the same word. In fact in Greek the word for “servant” here means “underrower”. 

This was the servant who took his place at the bottom of the ship, and rowed under the orders of someone else. Of Christ: this gives him dignity. 

Yes, he is a servant, but not any old servant. He is the servant of Jesus Christ. They were called and sent forth by Him to preach His Gospel. They were His ambassadors, standing in His place and stead and representing Him, and therefore should be respected and esteemed for His sake.

A steward of the mysteries of God. A steward was a servant whom the master entrusted the direction of his house and in particular the care of distributing to all the servants their tasks and provisions (Lu.12:42).

What exactly is the Servant of Christ supposed to Be?
 What exactly is the Servant of Christ supposed to distribute to God’s people? The mysteries of God. These are the great truths of Scripture, those things hidden to God’s OT people, but now revealed in the NT.

He Is Required to be Trustworthy: The word “trustworthy” could also be translated “faithful” as it is in most older translations. The minister is not required to be successful; he is required to be faithful. 

Some of God’s greatest men were failures according to men: Noah, Jeremiah. Some of God’s rebellious men were successes in the eyes of men: Jonah. 

We must not care about worldly or human success. We must simply do what God has commanded us to do, and leave the results to Him. He will reward us, not for our worldly success, but for the kinds of building materials we used in His temple (1Cor.3:14).

Ministers, Faithfully Dispense God’s Mysteries! That is our primary calling. We are to be like the faithful and wise steward whom his master put in charge of his servants to give them their rations at the proper time. 

Give yourself to God’s Word! Soak in it. Meditate on it. Study it. Memorize it. Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly. Then dispense the riches of God’s mysteries to God’s people faithfully.

 Ministers, Be Faithful! Don’t worry about having the biggest church, or winning the most people to Christ, or being famous, or the keynote speaker at retreats and conferences. Just worry about doing what God has called you to do, and leave the results to Him!

Ministers, Don’t Seek the Approval of Men! If you do so, you will fall into the trap of being a man-pleaser. God can’t use a man-pleaser. We must seek God’s approval, otherwise we will begin to say and do things that are expedient but do not glorify Him.

The teachings and the role model which Jesus Christ vividly modeled is the measure by which all human beings, and all ministries are to be evaluated against. Virtually nothing established by men is an automatic guarantee of truth.

 Titles, money, position, assumed authority, charismatic personality, celebrity status, wealth, church buildings, authoring books that sell millions, or many other things are not the standard by which truth is judged.

 A ten million dollar or a hundred million dollar a year ministry is no guarantee of truth in Jesus Christ. Material success is no measure of the approval of Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 2:1