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Real Transformation A modern Fallacy Of The Modern Age Christianity

When one looks at the world wonders, will there be a real transformation and revolution that leads to true liberation and emancipation of humanity. The church has come in a time where there is need for a real transformation and not a behavioral modification. The role of the man of God then becomes more that to just parrot  nothing but the general talk of empowerment and prosperity. Indeed how can true transformation be ignited and nurtured in the society of our day?

By claiming that there that there is a genuine reason for transformation means that there is a mishap in our today society and culture. The church is shaped by every other spiritual aspect to make it a spiritual entity. However, spiritual as  it may be the church remains at the same time a place and community that is existing within a set cultural society. 

Thus by nature the  church can not be church at least it fits in the setting of the modern or relative culture of the community where it is existing, to impart and to educate the community in the way they understand. There is a danger however, of becoming like the people that you think needs help. In actual sense is the church offering help or it is the one that is looking for help from the world?

In thinking of a church fitting in a culture and society we limit not only the power of the church but the very being of the church. Church is not shaped by culture nor is it formed by a group of doctrine that shows man a good way of becoming religious. 

It is a mockery to advocate for the unity of the church with the culture of the day and to make the culture the source of its existence. Jesus Christ is the head of the church, thus there is no church without the headship of Jesus. 

By stating that Jesus is the head of the church it implies that the vision of the church must not be coming from a source that is different from Christ. His Vision is the vision for the church, his passion is the passion for the church.  

It is amazing and sarcastic to note that in the modern age of the church the headship of the church is now being particularized to an individual, a Prophet, Apostle or a Pastor who is projected by the church to be so divine and well endowed  with grace and divine ability. He or she is viewed as a demi god.
 We honor indeed the servants of God but we believe in Jesus, the cause to be followed must be intertwined with the course of Jesus.

Jesus when He calls a woman or man to work for His it is clear that He empowers them to do the work and the will of His Father. In the natural sense it is very difficult to be employed by someone and yet start to doing that which you like. 

Truly you will be fired! Real transformation comes when we start to implement the vision of Jesus and not our own visions that has nothing but selfish ambitions. As long as the vision, passion and  ideology is self centered it will not bring transformation.

Jesus as the head indicates that the thought life or philosophy of ministry must be Jesus centered. We have encountered ministries philosophy that are human, legalistic in nature, yet the head of the church is Christ who is the wisdom of God and who has become our wisdom. The church must by nature be able to demonstrate wisdom because wisdom is the minds of the church. 

On the contrary we observe that in the church there is a high level of ignorance and the hub of stupidity. Imagine congregants can be seen eating snakes claiming that the way one should be blessed, whats there to bless in eating a snake. Man of God abusing members as a result of this ignorance, man has been raped, rob of their hard earned cash and property. 

True Transformation By The Word

The church must function not to exploit members but must be a movement that liberates and empowers believer to be self reliant in the faith in Christ Jesus. Most preacher love power and authority to the extent that they remove the place of Jesus in the Church as the wisdom of the church and become the prince of wisdom and a demi god of divine miracles. This is not right such man and woman are robbing believers of their rights of believers which came as a result of Jesus' death and resurrection.

If and only if the church especially the so called Man of God are inline with the wisdom of God and allow the same wisdom to be applied to the heart and in their day to day of life. There we will start to see signs of change in the lives of many. Wisdom is meant to better someone's life and to propel one to the next stage of life

Finally to envision Jesus as the head of the Church entails that the church speaks what Jesus is speaking. The language of the church must be the language of Jesus, who is acclaimed to be the word that became flesh. In John 1:1 the bible says that In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

 Speaking the language of Jesus would mean speaking the word of God. Some church are experiencing a drought of the word of God, in the services and purposed sermons there is no Jesus talk. No wonder why people have lost faith and God is so far fetched.

 As the church we should speak nothing but the word of God, our language should be the word. we fail because we are speaking the wrong language, we have taken the enemy's language to be our own and we have identified with the enemy

Real transformation have delayed not because God has no power to change people or nations. By no means, it has delayed because the mobile for transformation has being detached from the machinery of transformation. The church has lived as an organism which is headless, though propelling humanistic philosophy, pursuing personal and selfish  vision and ambition all in the name of the church and not speaking the language of Jesus.