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Why Is Our Life In Cycles?

When I was studying Theology I was moved when i discovered that there are at least 6 sources of theology. Experience being one of them, I then endeavored to understand if experience could also be an instrument of change. If experience could discover God then it  could change a soul.

After a closer look at the world events I concluded man or humanity truly does not learn from experiences of the past. Individuals who lives in cycles are as a result that there have failed to master that which the past tested them or they are not a people with the desire to see change and real transformation. A people that leaves everything to chance and luck. 

The Englishman has a proverb history repeats itself. In this proverb we can understand that regardless of the knowledge of the past a people can walk the same path that their fathers walked long back and have the same problem their fathers had. 

The same is true for a single mother; that she can agree to have another kid before marriage and be ditched at the end. The same is true with the Imperialist; how they would get into treaties with weaker nations only to benefit from their God given resources and to exploit its people. From 1900 to now, they are signing treaties. Truly humanity fails to learn from past experiences.

Why Is Our Life In Cycles?

Can we say humanity understand the past as much as they understand the present and the future. Is there hope for man kind to learn from past events.
A man or woman who cheats does not stop because they were caught nor do they learn from their past, rather history will repeat itself. It is not experience that truly changes people.

Israel would have been a God fearing nation if experience was to change people. Think of how God dealt with them one experience after  another and yet she went after other gods.

So I am convinced that what changes a person is not out side him. We can't say because we have gone through this then I have been changed, transformation proper is not what you have gone through, but who you have become.

Therefore, as long as there is no change in the inside, men will go on and do that which he knows did not work for the other generations and have the bitter results of the past.

To change our world is to change the inner man who is the real man. Experience can affect how we feel and what we believe but it takes an inner change to learn and understand and to walk in the path of knowledge and His light.

Take time to work on the inner man as you reflect on the word of God. Meditate on his sayings. Study and practicing the word of God. We become what we read, what we see and what we hear allow the word to change you in the inside.

Activating that energy in you, the spirit man to bring about change. Least history repeats itself.