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Celebrate The Africanness Of Being African.

Africa is a wonder, a continent that is existing with such diverse challenges and yet still striving and propelling forward toward real Economic reformations, Peace, Democracy, Health and Social Welfare establishment.

Certainly Africa will raise out of its problems and restore its people. In this view we celebrate the Africanness of Africa and the Hope of Africa that is embedded in its own people and emerging groomed leaders.

Celebrate The Africanness Of Being African.

Yes Africa has suffered much at the hands of the oppressors as a young and undeveloped continent, it has been a home of all evils from slavery, oppression to colonization.  The Religious forks once believed that Africa was cursed and the Imperialist believed that Africans was to be abused and less than Human. It was in their minds the course of nature for Africans to be inferior to them.

In Malawi because of this imposed mindset they developed a term in their language mzungu which has a variety of meanings from a wanderer, European and a white man. The term was further developed unorthodoxically to mean someone superior or boss and is even used among the locals who are in their terms superior in terms of Financial status, owner of a company and Leader in the society. For example in Zimbabwe the Shonas can refer to their bosses or someone who is superior to them as murungu.

Such a History brought strongholds in terms of beliefs and created a Hybrid African one who is not so sure of who he or she is. The colonial era came and passed though it took blood for much of the need Political freedom and liberation from the White settlers. In rediscovering who we are we have answers that transforms our perception of our being as Africans. 

Today we celebrate that Africa is liberated, Yet that freedom is still or rather appears to be half assumed and appropriated fragmentedly. The real freedom is in the African man or woman becoming what they were created to be. Bring the Africans to participate fully in their own problem solving, Industry and Commerce. 

 Finding their purposes in rebuilding the continent and restoring the wealth and livelihood of the Africans. To propagate peace and to speak with the voice that encourages Pan African spirit that seeks to unite and convey strategies that empowers the less privileged. The same spirit should put people first in all things and eradicate self centeredness and greediness which are the bedrock  of many sorrows of African people perpetuated by the current leadership. 

The Africanness Of Being African

Yes we celebrate peace and economic restoration of Africa in most of the part of Africa. Africa is for the Africans and should benefit from their God given resources. As we celebrate it is high time to not only be a raw materials exporter but becomes a continent that always process its own products and actual sells the end product.

We celebrate the Liberation,  we sing songs for freedom and I pictured the children of Israel after crossing the Red Sea Miriam was leading a deliverance song. The Egyptians which was oppressing them was no more. Slavery, working without salaries, and working in harsh conditions and poor health and social welfare services was now a thing of the past. God moved them from being slaves to entrepreneurs. Indeed there were given the land which belongs to them and solved their challenges in the way inscribed by the Torah.

This is exactly the story of Africa although it is not yet fully fulfilled, as evidence by the partial liberation, lack of african empowerment, repossession of our land and over dependency of the foreign governments which in turn demand more of our won freedom and liberty even with their imposed legislative.

Therefore today we thank the lord for His grace and for the leadership of Africa which has put everything on the line to develop and rebuild Africa. Let indeed Celebrate the past victories of African, present achievements and the hope of bring to completion true transformation that is holistic, peace and integrated Africa. 
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