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The Role Of A Father In A Family

We often hear so much about the importance of mothers in children's lives but surely fathers play a much more important role in the family too. We celebrate Father’s Day every year in June. This day, the same as Mother’s Day, is a day to celebrate and remember our fathers or father-figures in our lives. 

Through the way they live their lives and treat others, fathers influence the lives of the entire family. They are role models and set examples through their relationships with their children and the children's mother.

A father’s role in the family is very important. His job is to provide for his family, by working, disciplining and nurturing them. It is a sin for the man of the household to become lazy, by not working. When the father works, he also teaches his children the importance of working and living a disciplined life.

 Disciplining children is an important role of a father. His job is to teach and instruct them in the ways of God. By teaching and showing them how God wants them to live, he will surely raise God-fearing, respectful children. If the father doesn’t train his children correctly, they will lead unhappy and dangerous lives. 

A father’s nurturing love is the most important role that he has. Children are born seeking love and acceptance from their parents. Because the father is the head of the household, they look to him as the primary caretaker. 

The Role Of A Father In A family

Usually the mother is responsible for primarily nurturing their children, but the father’s role as a loving caretaker, should resemble the same example God has for us. From providing, to disciplining and taking care of them, these traits can give the children of today more of a blessed future.

He is responsible for loving and being loyal to his wife and through his respect, insuring that she has the respect of the children. This teaches his daughters through their father daughter relationships and his relationship with their mother how to respect themselves, how to expect to be treated by men as well as what makes a good husband and father. Daughters learn from their fathers what a man is, how to expect to be treated by them and what to look for in a husband.

A father shows his sons through their father son relationships and his relationship with their mother how to be a man. From fathers, sons learn how to be men and how to treat women. He does this through how he handles different situations and circumstances, by setting the example of being honest and responsible as well as how he treats women with love and respect. 

Every time he shows his son how to get up, dust himself off and keep going, he is teaching him how to keep moving forward in life in spite of setbacks. He helps to raise sons that will exhibit the same character traits and that, through his positive influence, will be much more likely to have healthy relationships with others including women. His influence also increases the likelihood that his sons will be good fathers to their children as well.

Unfortunately, a lot of children have grown up without a father present in the home, leaving single mothers to raise their children alone. Some mothers became the father, because the father chose to abandon his responsibility as a father. And some may have been pushed away by the mother, due to difficulties in the relationship.

 There are many reasons why and some truths are not easy to swallow, but we know that Satan’s role is to dissolve the family, by purposefully splitting it apart. It should be obvious that the absence of a father or father figure affects children and the adults that they become. Playing such important roles in the family means that fathers help determine the health of the relationships within and the happiness of the family.

 In so doing, it can also be argued that fathers have a strong influence on society as a whole. We all know that if the father isn’t present, the mother’s role in raising her children will be very difficult- financially, emotionally and physically. 

The absence of the father may result in his daughter looking for love and acceptance from men who will only use and abuse them. The absence of the father may also result in his son being angry and abusive towards women who seek to love them. As our society continues to become more and more dangerous, evil and love-less, a father’s role today is more desirable than ever.

If today’s fathers would only strive to be like Jesus every day, then our children will be saved and lived a prosperous life. If they are raised respecting God and their parents, then it wouldn’t matter what today’s society tells them.

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