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If Africans Can Love One Another Then Real Transformation Comes.

Africa is a continent that has been blessed with resources and much more, this blessing somehow might come as if it is a curse. In the sense that where there are much blessings, earthly possessions and wealth there is war, country man raising up against countryman.

In my thoughts i wonder what is the real value of an African soul, the way people were sold to the highest bidder and the way the blood is shed among other things. Are we darkened also even in our minds? To the extent that we do not value our own brothers and sisters. Indeed if the spirit of love and togetherness comes among us as a people there will be real transformation of our Continent.

The cause of our hardness of heart and being can be truly  traced from the time of slave trade. Africans who were elite would assist the trade master to buy and transport their own brothers at a price. Its not imaginable that a brother would sell a brother for a price. This practice is it peculiar to the Africans only if yes ? What has gotten into our people and how can this great continent be saved?

 Could it mean that the African community was build on a selfish or self centeredness of a people. People who would think of hunting his or her people so as to sell them to the highest bidder of sugar, or fine cloth, yes one would be asking what kind of level of ignorance is this? I ask is it the ignorance or heartlessness. Yet the same heart and mind set has been passed down by tradition knowingly or unknowingly.

During the period of colonization the land was sold by the African Elite who were in authority and who had power. In some cases it was as a result of tricky maneuvers by those which the African community hold as friends who got in touch with the settlers and convinced the leaders to enter into treaties that would soon make them lose their land,wealth and possession.

If Africans Can Love One Another Then Real Transformation Comes.

The suffering of a black man has always and almost at all times have been injuced by another black man who is either self centered or just greed to sell his or her people to suffering and pain, hunger and violence.

Even as we trace the history of the independence of the african countries we can find that there has been man who would easily switch sides for the desire of greatness and political power at the expensive of his or her people.

The root cause of our suffering could be not very far but in our brothers or sisters who have thought highly of themselves at the expense of the their people. 

The bible talks of love and thinking of the other more highly than yourself. If only if we can love one another and value each others lives more than we can value material possessions, our status and our wealth.